We play a lot of Singer/Songwriter material and original songs. We have eclectic tastes in music and material.  At our shows, you might hear some John Prine, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Linda Ronstadt, Talking Heads, Jonathan Edwards, Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon, Cat Stevens, and many others (We like surprises, so let's leave it at that). 


       The Whiskey Mystics:


Rebecca Summer- Vocals, Percussion, and Recorder


Ken Schindler- Bass

Jon Eric Hans- Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals, and Percussion 


* We also have "Special Guests", or Peripheral Members, who add to our Groove Cocktail when time and space allow.                       



We hope you can make it to the show and that you have a good time!                                     

                                     - Jon Eric Hans


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